School Awareness

As we stand up for children and help to inform communities and decision-makers about children's rights. We encourage children to actively take part in the decision-making processes that affect their lives and, when possible, speak up for themselves and be heard.
SOS Children's Villages also works to help build a sustainable future for all children. We put children and young people at the centre of our actions to support the Sustainable Development Goals, recognising that every single child has a right to be included in global efforts to make sustainable development a reality.
We would like to offer a session delivered by the SOS Children’s Villages Gulf Area Office that are directed at schools to facilitate work with children’s rights and\or sustainable development. The material that we would deliver has been adapted to suit students aged 6 to 12 and can be used in individual classes or in whole year groups. Each session will last for approximately 20-30 minutes.
Included in the session materials is a presentation that covers:
•           What are children’s rights* or What are Sustainable Development Golas
•           How SOS helps to deliver children’s rights.
The session is a child-friendly way to open up the world of development, philanthropy and awareness of global issues to your students. It includes information, discussion time, videos and presenter notes.

For those interested, we also offer to come to your school to give a talk about our work with regard to children’s rights and sustainable development.
For inquiries and requests please contact Ms Alice Lorenzon: