March 3 2006

An Olympic Journal

03/03/2006- The XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin have ended. The medals have all been awarded, the flag has been passed to Vancouver and the flame is out. But the excitement that is the Olympiad remains alive. Here you will read the Olympic memories of fifteen children from SOS Children's Village Sarajevo as witnessed and told by Sandra Kasalo-Fazlic, fundraiser of SOS Children's Village Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Jure Franko at the SOS Children

Witnessing the second run of the men

Toni Sailer, Piero Gros, Alberto Tomba and Jure Franko (left to right) - Photo: S. Kasalo-Fazlić

The poster of Vuchko autographed by the champions Sailer, Gros, Tomba and Franko