May 24 2002

Big events before the big event

24/05/2002 - In the run-up to tomorrow's Eurovision song contest, the European pop event of the year, the children at the Estonian SOS Children's Village Keila have experienced their own special highlights. Visits by Eurovision song contestants from three countries and the Estonian hosts attracted a considerable amount of media attention and provided opportunities for very memorable meetings for both the children and the musicians.

Heavily busy: Annely Peebo and Marko Matvere - Photo: T. Tschannett

Afro-dite on their way through the village - Photo: T. Tschannett

Malene having a talk with a special friend - Photo: T. Tschannett

Malene presenting the guitars - Photo: T. Tschannett

A poster of short life - Photo: T. Tschannett