March 13 2008

Bolivia: two children's centres open in Beni

13/03/2008 - Following El Alto, two children's centres were opened for flood victims in the town of Trinidad in the Department of Beni. A total of 240 children will receive care there over the next three months.

Photo: Fernando Espinoza
The children receive all-round care at the centres in Trinidad - Photo: F. Espinoza

Like last year, flooding and landslides have again been seen in Bolivia as a result of the weather phenomenon "La Niña" (see our report from 28 February 2008). The first emergency centre was opened for children in El Alto at the end of February. Two more centres have now been opened in the town of Trinidad in the lowlands of Bolivia. A total of 240 children from families that have been affected will receive daily care both in Chequetije and Plaza de la Tradición. The children can play and learn in safety, they receive regular meals and medical care.

Photo: Fernando Espinoza
Many families in Beni are suffering from the results of the flooding - Photo: F. Espinoza

The opening of the childcare centres was enabled through the cooperation with the local authorities and institutions. SOS Children's Villages Bolivia is working with the Department of Management of Social Services in Beni, with Children and Adolescents' Care Programme (PAN) and the Emergency Operations Centre (COE).

The people and community representatives welcome the initiative, the quick establishment of the centres and the reliability of SOS Children's Villages, which supported families in a similar emergency last year. Inhabitants from neighbouring districts of town also want to set up children's centres such as these and they are, if needed, receiving advice on this from SOS Children's Villages.