May 13 2008

SOS Children's Villages in China is preparing emergency relief for children

13/05/2008 - After the disastrous earthquake in the southwest province of Sichuan the SOS Children's Village Chengdu, which is 130 km away from the epicentre, is preparing to take in children from the affected area.


Graphic: SOS Children
The SOS Children's Village Chengdu is 130 km away from the epicentre - Graphic: SOS Children's Villages
The authorities estimate that there are more than 20.000 victims, but even more are expected to be buried among the rubble. Numerous little towns were destroyed and half a million houses are in ruins. In many areas people have not received any aid yet, many roads are still blocked which makes it difficult to reach all affected areas. To make matters worse, the recurring aftershocks are hindering the rescue work of the authorities and the army.

SOS Children's Village offers emergency accommodation

It is mainly the children in the affected region who urgently need help! SOS Children's Villages China offered to help the authorities. The SOS Children's Village in Chengdu, which was not affected by the earthquake, is preparing to support and offer emergency aid if needed. Children who got separated from their families could be taken in temporarily. The SOS Kindergarten with its six classrooms and the SOS Training Centre could be used as accommodation. In addition, the children and mothers are keen to help as well. They want to make space in the 15 family houses and take in boys and girls from the affected region.

SOS Children's Villages want to offer unaccompanied children care and protection until the authorities find their families. Children whose parents died in the earthquake can be permanently taken in by the SOS Children's Village. According to Mr. Cai Jie, the Director of SOS Children's Villages China, there is also the possibility to accommodate families in the SOS Training Centre.