December 30 2009

Jolie and Pitt give USD 100,000 to SOS Children's Villages USA

30/12/2009 - SOS Children's Villages USA have announced a gift of USD 100,000 from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to support its two SOS Children's Villages for Christmas.

Photo: Robbina Studios
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited the SOS Children's Village Amman in Jordan in October 2009 - Photo: Robbina Studios
SOS Children's Village Florida and SOS Children's Village Illinois were founded over fifteen years ago to provide an alternative form of childcare in the US - one that puts an end to multiple placements, separation from siblings, physical and sexual abuse or neglect and abandonment.

Ms. Jolie said of the donation, "We have seen first-hand the remarkable job SOS does to raise orphaned and abandoned children and keep families together. No one "ages out" of an SOS Children's Village: vocational training, advanced education, living assistance and moral support are there forever."

SOS Children's Villages USA CEO Heather Paul stated, "The Jolie - Pitt Foundation has been a strong and loyal supporter of SOS Children's Villages around the world. We are deeply grateful that this year this couple has included in their generosity our villages in Illinois and Florida and our 300 children who call SOS 'home.'" Brad Pitt: "In this holiday season, many of us take for granted that we are surrounded by loving family members. The poor outcomes for foster children indicate that we must do a much better job of supporting them."

SOS Children's Village Florida in Coconut Creek provides a home for 75 children of all ages. Services include tutoring, therapy, life skills, and family reunification when possible. SOS Children's Villages Illinois operates two villages, one in Lockport which cares for 102 children. A second village in South Chicago takes care of 84 children and youths. A Social Centre also provides day care and support services for other families at risk. Another SOS Children's Village on the West Side of Chicago is in the planning stages.