March 4 2009

Madagascar: Emergency relief for the victims of the violence

04/03/09 - After the political turmoil in the capital Antananarivo, which had led to violent outbreaks, SOS Children's Villages has ensured medical supplies for the victims.

Photo: Seger Erken
The two hospitals no longer lack medical supplies - Photo: Seger Erken
After the the dramatic events of 7 February, that led to the deaths of around fifty people and left a hundred more severely wounded, SOS Children's Villages Madagascar had met with the directors of the two hospitals the victims were being treated at to determine the most urgent needs, as SOS Children's Villages France had agreed to cover the cost of medical supplies.

On 20 February, these were delivered to the hospitals to be administered freely to the victims of the turmoils, especially to the most vulnerable children and families.

In addition, SOS Children's Villages France has acquired 50 nasogastric feeding tubes for the children. Sending these medical supplies was rendered possible by the effort and dedication of several individuals and organisations who formed a virtual "chain of solidarity".

Conflicts between the government and the opposition had led to violent outbreaks in the capital of the island state situated off the coast of Mozambique.