August 11 2008

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge starts long-term partnership with SOS-Kinderdorf International

The company is financing a training centre for 140 young people in Ethiopia

11/08/2008 - MAN Nutzfahrzeuge (Commercial Vehicles) and SOS-Kinderdorf International have agreed on a long-term worldwide partnership and given the go-ahead for the comprehensive financing of a training centre in Ethiopia.

Photo: SOS Archives
Peter Erichreineke (left) and Georg Rodenbach from SOS Children's Villages joining hands - Photo: SOS Archives

As a first step, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge will be contributing 600,000 Euros over the next three years, as well as providing technical support in the form of machines and know-how.

"We’re getting involved in a field in which help is urgently needed, creating realistic and sustainable future perspectives for young people in Africa", said Peter Erichreineke, Head of Marketing and Sales at MAN Nutzfahrzeuge during the signing of the contract. He also stressed how important it is to MAN to be dealing with a competent partner of international repute and to be able to directly observe how the project is coming along.

The Vocational Training Centre in Kality in Ethiopia is a project of SOS Children's Villages. Young people in dire need of assistance are trained in general mechanics, automotive mechanics and carpentry. With the support of MAN it will now be expanded and the automotive part of the education intensified. Additionally, MAN will be offering career possibilities in Africa to the graduates.

Photo: SOS Archives
More than 140 young people complete the high-quality, three-year training course in Kality - Photo: SOS Archives

"We are delighted that MAN will not only be covering the running costs of the training centre, but also supporting the new subject, Automotive Electronics, "says Richard Pichler, Secretary-General of SOS-Kinderdorf International. "This cooperation will add to the offer of the vocational training centre and offer more career options to the young people in our care."

The partnership with SOS-Kinderdorf International is open to further projects and includes all national organisational units of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, which can in future also become active supporters of SOS Children's Villages in their respective countries. This creates an opportunity for strong local projects to develop. Both partners are represented in 70 countries all over the world. In Africa, SOS Children's Villages is currently active in 45 countries.

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