January 25 2010

More celebrities for SOS Haiti

25/01/2010 - Various celebrities from around the world support the emergency efforts of SOS Children's Villages for thousands of quake-affected children and their families in Haiti. We hope their commitment will help raise awareness for the plight of the people in Haiti, especially of children who have lost their families.


Photo: SOS Archives
Kim Gevaert - Photo: SOS Archives

Kim Gevaert

Kim Gevaert, former Belgian sprint athlete, European Champion, winner of the bronze medal in the 4x100 relay at the World Championships 2007 and silver medal of the 4x100 at the Olympics 2008, is a close friend and supporter of SOS Children's Villages Belgium. Watch Kim Gevaert's video appeal


Photo: SOS Archives
Gabriel Rios - Photo: SOS Archives

Gabriel Rios

Gabriel Rios, Puerto Rican musician who resides and works in Belgium, is ambassador of SOS Children's Villages Belgium and feels very much attached to the people in Haiti. He has taken the role of being the face of all aid actions for Haiti in Belgium. Watch Gabriel Rios' video appeal