January 20 2009

SOS Children's Villages Bangladesh receives Mother Teresa Medal

20/01/2009 - SOS Children's Villages Bangladesh has been honoured with the prestigious "Mother Teresa Gold Medal 2008". Every year the Mother Teresa Research Council honours selected persons and organisations for their outstanding contribution to the society.

Photo:SOS Archives
M Ghulam Ahmed Ishaque at the awarding ceremony in DhakaPhoto: SOS Archives
The director of SOS Children's Villages Bangladesh, Mr. G. A. Ishaque formally received the award from Justice Habibur Rahman Khan, Chairman of the Truth and Accountability Commission of Bangladesh Government in a special programme held in December 2008 at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Center in Dhaka.

The medal named after the great saint, founder of the Missionaries of Charity and Nobel Prize winner Mother Teresa who spent her entire life looking after the poor, destitute, lepers and underprivileged in the eastern city of Kolkata in India while guiding the Missionaries of Charity's expansion in other countries.

SOS Children's Villages Bangladesh was established in 1972 soon after Bangladesh arrived on the world map as an independent nation. Since then, SOS Children's Villages reached almost every part of the country and today there are five SOS Children's Villages located in Dhaka, Bogra, Rajshahi, Chittagong and Khulna and more than a dozen ancillary facilities working for the community development.