February 20 2014

Would You Help A Freezing Child?

Norwegian video that asks this question went viral, raising awareness of how Syrian children are suffering

A video produced by SOS Children’s Villages Norway to draw attention to the horrible situation that children are currently experiencing in Syria has gone viral, attracting more than 14 million views.

The video shows a boy sitting at a bus stop in Oslo, Norway, without a coat, hat or gloves. From the hidden camera, viewers see how passers-by respond.

The only actor in the video is Johannes (11), whose family donate regularly to SOS Children's Villages in Norway.

"People should care as much about children in Syria as they care about this boy," said Synne Rønning, Public Relations Manager of SOS Children's Villages Norway. The video encourages viewers in Norway to donate to this fundraising appeal.

SOS Children’s Villages continues to provide thousands of families in Syria with coats, blankets, food, and other supplies through its emergency programme there.

Viewers from other countries who wish to support children in Syria can get in touch with the SOS Children’s Villages office in their own country.

Below is an English translation of the video, which was produced in the Norwegian language:

What do you do if you see a freezing child?

We installed a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop.

[Blond woman:]
- Don't you have a jacket?

[Young boy:]
- No, somebody has stolen it. I'm on a school trip, and my teacher said I should meet her here.

[Blond woman:]
- Do you have a phone number for your teacher?

[Young boy:]
- No.

[Man with earphones:]
- Are you ok?

[Young boy:]
- No, I'm really cold.

[Woman with brown coat:]
- You have really thin clothing... Should I help you a little?

[Young boy:]
- Yes, thank you.

[Woman with brown coat:]
- Look, this is warm and nice.

[Woman with a ponytail:]
- Which school are you going to?

[Young boy:]
- Ramberg, in Moss.
[Man with skiis:]
- Just take these.
[Young boy:]
- Thank you very much.
Are you someone who takes action when you see someone else is in dire need of help?

Children in Syria are freezing.
Send SMS SOS to 2160 (90 NOK)
and donate a warm jacket

SOS MAYDAY is a network of people who take action when crises occur.