January 21 2008

SOS Children's Villages at the South Pole

21/01/2008 - On 28 December 2007, after 27,000 kilometres and 454 days, Swiss sportswoman Evelyne Binsack reached the South Pole. Through "Expedition Antarctica" she has also raised money for a family house at SOS Children's Village León in Nicaragua.

Photo: Evelyne Binsack
She's finally achieved her goal! Evelyne Binsack at the South Pole - Photo: E. Binsack
At the end of 2007 she did it: after 15 months, Evelyne Binsack had cycled about 27,000 km on a bicycle over three continents, and had covered around 1,100 km of the never-ending ice of Antarctica. She had completed the goal of "Expedition Antarctica": she had reached the South Pole. Behind her were weeks and months of exhaustion and deprivation, but also impressive experiences, which Evelyne Binsack will always remember.
She had already achieved an important goal in February 2007: SOS Children's Village León in Nicaragua. Evelyne Binsack did not just go on her journey for the sake of adventure: "I never wanted to go on this journey purely because of what I wanted. I had always wanted to help the children in León", said the adventure lover.

Visit to SOS Children's Village

After all the exertion, Evelyne Binsack enjoyed the reception at the SOS Children's Village twice as much. "The SOS mothers invited me for lunch and dinner. I was one of them and was able to experience family life from close up." The visit has made a lasting impression on Evelyne. The children at the SOS Children's Village were what spurred her on whilst she was on her expedition. "I wanted to walk for them as well as for me." This motivated her particularly when she was at risk of giving up.

Still raising money

Evelyne Binsack firmly believes in SOS Children's Villages. "SOS Children's Villages is a respectable aid organisation which is represented in all the countries I travel in. Those who work for SOS Children's Villages are kind-hearted people who act in the interests of children in need. This is why SOS Children's Villages was just the right partner for 'Expedition Antarctica'." Evelyne is using her journey to the South Pole to collect money for an SOS family house at SOS Children's Village León. Donations can be made at www.binsack.ch or www.sos-kinderdorf.ch . When she returns, she will continue to collect money for "her" house at SOS Children's Village León by giving presentations. Her first visit to an SOS Children's Village was very brief, which is why she is already looking forward to returning to León one day. Who knows - maybe she will then even be able to enjoy the hospitality of the mother and children at the new "Evelyne Binsack" house?