September 18 2002

SOS Children's Villages: Happy to receive Hilton Humanitarian Prize

"Acknowledgement of Hermann Gmeiner's lifetime achievement"

17/09/2002 - "Full of joy, gratitude and a certain feeling of pride I am pleased to announce that SOS-Kinderdorf International will receive the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize 2002." - these were the words of Mr Helmut Kutin, President of SOS-Kinderdorf International at today's press conference in Berlin. At US$ 1 million, the Hilton Prize is the world's largest humanitarian award.

Steven M. Hilton - Photo: T. Eimer

Before the press conference: 3 children and 2 presidents engaged in small talk - Photo: T. Eimer

Children from the AIDS outreach programme in Mbabane (Swaziland) - Photo: I. Famula