February 4 2010

SOS Children's Villages receives large donation for work in Haiti from Swedish businessman Roger Akelius

Swedish businessman Roger Akelius has, through the Akelius Foundation, donated SEK 100 million (about 9.6 million euro) to the work of SOS Children's Villages in Haiti.

The funds will be used over a 25-year period to support around 400 children living in the SOS Children's Villages in Santo on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and in Cap Haitien on the northern coast of Haiti. This generous donation makes it possible for the children to study and receive higher education.

Anna Ryott, managing director for the Swedish branch of SOS Children's Villages says:

"SOS Children's Villages is overwhelmed by this gift which guarantees our long-term commitment in Haiti. At present our focus is on immediate relief for the quake-affected people, mainly children, but soon the process of rebuilding the country will start. Mr Akelius' support to our children's villages will contribute to this process for many years to come."

Roger Akelius explains his choice for SOS Children's Villages as partner with the following comment:

"SOS Children's Villages runs 500 villages in all parts of the world. The president and the vice president of the organisation were themselves raised in an SOS Children's Village. Furthermore SOS Children's Villages has an excellent follow-up of budget and finances, which means that the money is used efficiently, and the members of the board receive no payment."