June 10 2011

Two relief convoys sent to Liberian-Ivorian border

01/06/2011 - Due to the ongoing violence in Côte d’Ivoire, tens of thousands have fled the country for the relative safety of Liberia. In several refugee camps and communities along the border, relief organisations are struggling to provide the desperate refugees with basic necessities and medication. SOS Children’s Villages’ second convoy with emergency supplies arrived on 26 May.

Photo: SOS Archives
Hundreds of thousands, mainly mothers and children, have fled the violence at home - Photo: SOS Archives
Over a thousand refugees have settled in the community of Karnplay, one of sixteen communities within Nimba County on the border to Côte d’Ivoire that is providing shelter for refugees. With the help of the UNHCR, 130 shelters have been set up in Karnplay alone.

SOS Children’s Villages sends two relief convoys
In close coordination with the UNHCR to ensure help is given to those who need it most, SOS Children’s Villages has sent two convoys with relief supplies to be distributed in several communities and camps. The second convoy, escorted by four SOS co-workers, arrived on 26 May.

Photo: SOS Archives
Relief supplies being unloaded in Karnplay - Photo: SOS Archives
Children especially vulnerable to spreading diseases
In spite of the efforts of several relief organisations, the need for basic food, sanitation and medical supplies is still great, as more and more people arrive at the camps and communities every day. The children are especially vulnerable to diseases that spread easily in these conditions, such as malnutrition and diarrhoea.

Number of refugees rising daily
Due to the prevailing danger in Côte d’Ivoire, there is currently no plan to repatriate refugees. It is apparent that the number of refugees is increasing  throughout camps in the four Liberian counties that share a border with Côte d’Ivoire.