October 13 2009

SOS Children's Villages in the Philippines continues relief actions for flood-affected families in Manila

13/10/2009 - Since typhoon Ketsana slammed into the Philippines at the end of September, SOS Children's Villages Philippines has extended help to the victims through a relief operation in the capital Manila.

Photo: SOS Archives
In the flooded streets of Manila - Photo: SOS Archives

Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) slammed into the Philippines on 26 September and submerged most of Manila and surrounding regions in waters. The aftermath was devastating: 280 dead, 500,000 displaced families and PhP 6 billion - PhP - Philippine Pesos- worth of damage to property.

Since the catastrophe, SOS Children's Villages Philippines has extended help to the typhoon victims through a relief operation. Partners and individual friends of SOS Children's Villages also answered the call and channel their contribution through SOS Children's Villages Philippines.

Photo: SOS Archives
SOS teams are distributing cooked food - Photo: SOS Archives

The immediate assistances extended to families evacuated to the Alabang Elementary School at the end of September/beginning of October benefited 1,100 households. SOS children, youths, mothers and staff distributed cooked foods, relief packages and clothes to the affected families. They also helped in cleaning the surroundings of the school.

Moreover, youth boys and staff from the SOS Children's Village Manila went to Hope Worldwide Philippines Laguna Center to help them clean their office after it was submerged for a week long. Their Laguna Center was greatly affected by the typhoon and the manpower assistance given by the SOS youth boys and co-workers sped up the rehabilitation of the Center.

Photo: SOS Archives
Many families still have to live in temporary shelters, the little ones are suffering most - Photo: SOS Archives

Last week, staff of the national office and the SOS Children's Village in Manila, together with some SOS youths, gave its attention to the barangays (a village or town district in the Philippines) flooded until now. On 6 October, relief packages containing rice, canned goods, noodles, bottled water and household items were distributed to 300 families living in Barangay Bayanan in Muntinlupa City. This barangay is one of the eight barangays situated in the shorelines of Laguna de Bay.

All the 7,277 households of the barangay were affected by the typhoon. Until now, houses are still submerged. Some families are temporarily sheltered at the Barangay Hall while others stay in the upper floors of their houses. Water in some areas is about two feet high while in others it is still over five feet high.

Photo: SOS Archives
Photo: SOS Archives

The families were very thankful for the relief packs given. Puzzle play mats were also given to families with infants which will serve as temporary bed mats for the babies. On 7 October, the group again went back to Barangay Bayanan and distributed cooked "pansit" (local noodle dish) to 400 families. They also visited their houses to see the devastation and assess what rehabilitative assistance is needed by the families.

By 15 October, the remaining donations at hand are planned to be distributed to 1,000 families living in Barangay Putatan and Barangay Cupang in Muntinlupa City. Like Barangay Bayanan, these two barangays are still submerged in water, thereby help for the displaced families is much more needed.