June 5 2009

SOS Children's Villages Spain: Lullabies for the 21st century

05/06/09 - A few days ago, SOS Children's Villages Spain unveiled a wonderful fundraising idea: SuperNanas.org is a project of TheLoveComes Foundation with the participation of well-known Spanish musicians who have recorded their favorite lullabies and children's songs and made them available for download; all funds go to SOS Children's Villages Spain.

Logo: TheLoveComes
At the outset of this initiative was a series of surveys with disappointing results: according to these, the number of parents who sing to their children to help them fall asleep is steadily declining, and many parents between 25 and 40 years of age say that in any case, traditional lullabies are no longer part of their cultural baggage, so to speak.

In accordance with the philosophy of TheLoveComes Foundation, for any of their initiatives to be complete, it needs to be more than just an innovative fundraising platform: it also has to contribute some added value to society. SuperNanas (nana being Spanish for lullaby) is a repertoire of lullabies for the 21st century, performed by artists whose musical style is closer to the tastes of a whole new generation of parents.

The songs available for download on SuperNanas.org (click on the green truck) were recorded by a wide array of musicians such as Amaral and Miqui Puig, Sidonie, Delafé y las Flores Azules or Vetusta Morla. All funds go to SOS Children's Villages of Spain