October 28 2011

SOS Children's Village in Bangkok is preparing for worst-case scenario

27/10/2011 - The flooding in Thailand's capital is getting worse every day. The SOS Children's Village in Bangpoo, an eastern suburb of Bangkok, is also facing potential inundation.

Photo: Nusrin Somchat
The SOS Children's Village in Bangpoo is facing potential flooding - Photo: Nusrin Somchat
All hopes for Bangkok being spared by the floods have been in vain. The government is advising inhabitants, mainly those of the northern districts, to leave the city at least for the coming days. All 50 districts of the megacity are threatened with flooding.

The SOS Children's Village in Bangpoo in the east of Bangkok is also preparing for an emergency. Currently, 116 children are living in the SOS Children's Village together with their SOS mothers. In total there are five family-based care programmes in Thailand.

All utensils, equipment and furniture were moved to the first floors of the family houses; rubber dinghies were purchased and other preparative measures were taken. Children, SOS mothers and staff intend to stay in the houses for as long as it is safe to do so, in order to prevent damage to unattended property. The houses as such are strong enough to endure a temporary flood. But still, everyone at the SOS Children's Village in Bangpoo is hoping to be spared by the water.