December 29 2008

Children and staff of SOS Children's Village unharmed by air raids

29/12/2008 - All children, mothers and co-workers living in the SOS Children's Village compound Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip are safe.


Photo: Kamil Elshami
Life goes on at the SOS Children's Village in Rafah - Photo: Kamil Elshami
SOS Children's Villages facilities have not been directly targeted by the Israeli air raids, which started on 27 December, but the school, kindergarten and training facilities have been shut until some security and calm returns to Gaza. The situation in the area around the village is serious and extremely dangerous. Many nearby buildings have been targeted and raided since the violence started.

With the exception of cooking gas, the village director of SOS Children’s Village Rafah, Mr. Wael Abu Mustafa, was able to stock up sufficient food supplies for the families in the village.

Gaza is witnessing shortages of food and medical supplies and its hospitals are rapidly filling with the dead and injured. Many residents of Gaza have fled their homes to seek refuge in the streets, despite the cold weather. Schools, universities and public facilities, as well as some private shops in the Gaza Strip, are closed for security reasons. At this point, it is unclear when peace and calm will return to Gaza.