October 22 2008

Storm relief programme in Haiti

22/10/2008 - The numerous tropical storms that have been hitting Haiti during the last two months have wreaked havoc on the population of this extremely poor country. SOS Children's Villages has now decided to do something about the situation.

Photo: Ivannia Cambronero
Tropical storms this summer were particularly destructive - Photo: I. Cambronero

According to the last report of the civil defence and the organization that is in charge of disasters in the country, the houses of more than 10,000 families have been destroyed, an estimated 700 people have died and there are considerable damages in materials, produce and others. It is also reported that most of the school and health centre facilities of the affected communities were seriously damaged and a large part of the crops has been lost.


The reopening of the schools has been delayed and it is unknown when they will open again. The water gets into many houses and many community centres. The parents worked very hard to drain the water from the centres. People are facing lack of food, drinking water and other basics.

Photo: Ivannia Cambronero
Many families were left without homes - Photo: I. Cambronero

The emergency aid is scheduled to run over the next two months and support the 50 hardest-hit families of the family strengthening programmes in the affected areas of Cap Haitién and Santo in particular. Help is to include packages with rations once every two weeks over a period of two months, since famine is currently the most immediate threat.