June 30 2009

Tense calm in SOS Children's Villages of Honduras

30/06/09 - Due to the current political upheaval in Honduras, the facilities of SOS Children's Villages in that country are experiencing some difficulties, although there is no imminent threat.


The national office of SOS Children's Villages in Honduras is closed since it is near the government buildings and is assessing the situation. As for the programmes, in Santa Rosa de Copan and Choluteca, there is a tense calm. The SOS Children's Village Tegucigalpa, however, has had its electricity cut off, and a curfew of 48 hours began on Sunday at 8 pm. Children could not go to school because of the throngs of  protesters taking to the streets. Children haven’t attended classes since last Thursday because of the riots.
SOS Children's Village Valle de Ángeles is situated about 30 km from the capital of Tegucigalpa in a rather agricultural region. Because the roads are closed, the personnel could not get to work. This village provides care for mentally and physically challenged children who require constant medical attention that cannot be given at the moment.

In Tela, some non-SOS health centres have closed temporarily since teachers and health personnel are on strike.

The President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, had been exiled in a military coup, the first of this century in Latin America, on Sunday 28 June.