September 29 2009

Tense situation in Guinea

29/09/2009 - On 28 September 2009 in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, junta troops shot and killed at least 150 people and raped women when they broke up a huge demonstration in the capital's stadium. SOS Children's Villages is taking precautionary measures.

SOS Children's Villages in Guinea confirmed that the situation remains so far calm and everyone is in a waiting stage. All three locations where SOS Children's Villages Guinea is present (Conakry, Kankan and N'Zérékoré) have taken safety measures to ensure that they have enough food and petrol to run their generators, for electricity and water.

Today everything was closed in Conakry, banks, schools - including the SOS schools, and people remained in their homes. SOS mothers and children remained in the villages and some co-workers living too far from the SOS facilities in Conakry also stayed at home.