May 7 2016

Children Speaking for Children

The Voice Kids Finalists as SOS Children’s Villages Goodwill Ambassadors

The chairperson of SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon announced that the Voice Kids six finalists have been appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors for SOS Children’s Villages, during their concert in Lebanon on April 26th.

The sixth finalists, Mirna Hanna, Lin Hayek, Ghady Bechara, Zein Obied, Jowayriya Hamdy, and Amir Amuri received Goodwill Ambassador certificates from Ms Nicole Nassar, SOS Children’s Villages Gulf Area Office Manging Director, during their visit to Dubai as part of their tour.


“Nothing is more powerful than children speaking for children. Our young SOS Children's Villages Goodwill Ambassadors will use their VOICE to support children in need. They are great role models and we are so proud of them,” Nicole Nassar said. 




As an SOS Goodwill Ambassador the children will use their position to raise awareness about SOS Children’s Villages and children in need of support around the world.

The idea was born out of SOS Children’s Village’s belief that children should speak for vulnerable children who are facing a different reality and may not have the opportunity to speak for themselves. The organization encourages them to be their voice in society and the media, and to advocate for the right of children to grow up in a loving and caring family. It encourages that “children speak up for children”. Hence the decision was made to appoint the children as Goodwill ambassadors. 

SOS Children's Villages Gulf Area Office Managing Director and The Voice Kids finalists.