New #iseeyou campaign focuses on children who are invisible

Children who are neglected, abandoned, abused, orphaned or displaced are everywhere, but we don’t always see them. A new campaign launched by SOS Children’s Villages, titled #iseeyou, aims to make visible those children who are growing up without the necessary care and protection they need to thrive.
Worldwide there are 1 billion children who have suffered physical, sexual or emotional violence in the past year, 152 million children working as labourers, combatants or begging on the street every day; and 10 million child refugees is an indictment on society.
In the Middle East and North Africa, an estimated 35 million children are in need of assistance due to recent conflicts, civil unrest and political instability. SOS Children’s Villages Gulf Area Office - operating out of Dubai - works alongside works alongside committed partners in the region to provide children in the region with a safe and loving home.
Through the #iseeyou campaign, SOS Children’s Villages calls on society not to turn a blind eye to children who are neglected, abused, abandoned or on the move, and will bring children growing up without adequate parental care front and centre.

Norbert Meder, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages International, says: “With #iseeyou, we will raise awareness about children who live without parental care or who are in situations where they might lose parental care. Children deserve the opportunity to fully enjoy their rights, and every child count. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child can only become a reality if we make every child visible.”
Jumana Abu Hannoud, Managing Director of the SOS Children’s Villages Gulf Area Office, says: “We are witnessing a humanitarian crisis in MENA whereby children are not seen, heard or counted. It is ultimately our global responsibility to relieve the suffering of an entire generation of children who are paying the price. Our mission has always been to provide shelter and a loving home for children at risk and with this campaign we will be raising awareness of the issues that many children face both in MENA and around the world.”
Today, 140 million children have lost at least one parent and 15.1 million have no parents, at risk of growing up alone. After 70 years of providing family care to children, SOS Children’s Villages has evidence-based research that shows the cycle can be broken following a difficult childhood. Research published by SOS Children’s Villages in April 2019 demonstrated that as a result of SOS care and protection, 90% of former participants have strong family relationships and support networks.
With a powerful campaign video, SOS Children’s Villages connects with the audience’s childhood memories; moments of annoyance with family members when being invisible would have been preferred. It then sharply contrasts these moments by showing situations of children who are forced to be alone – physically or emotionally – and who have no choice but to remain invisible to adults who are meant to provide the care and protection they are entitled to.

The campaign makes the call to action: You can make them visible. Join #iseeyou