Helping Children Overcome Trauma and Tragedy in India

The devastating tsunami that hit the southern coast of India in 2004 destroyed so many lives. 12 year old Adhi lost everything - her home, school, belongings, and most importantly, her parents. The deadly waves left her and her three sisters alone amidst horrific and dangerous ruins. Adhi remembers, “It was scary, there was water everywhere and we had no place to go.”

The four sisters were brought to a safe tent by the district administration and were then referred to SOS Children’s Village Pondicherry where their new SOS Mother Padma welcomed them. Padma recalls, “The girls were in a state of shock and fear. Adhi was so scared that she would not step out of the house after dark. It took months of care and counseling to bring her to normalcy.”

She was constantly frightened. Adhi enrolled in a nearby school, but at first was afraid to be alone.  Mother Padma would bring Adhi to school and then be sure to be waiting for her at the end of each and every day. When the children went outside, her SOS Mother Padma went as well to help Adhi find the courage to play with the other children. She discovered that Adhi enjoyed painting and encouraged her to share her emotions through her art.

Slowly, with support from her SOS Mother and her sisters, Adhi began to open up. She did well in school and laughed and played with the other children. An SOS co-worker, Aunt Mita, shared, “Thanks to Mother Padma, Adhi now shows no signs of her terrible experience.”

Today, Adhi is strong, confident, and busy. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and loves college. Every day, she still gives her mom a big hug before leaving for school.  In the evenings after finishing her studies, she helps her younger SOS brothers and sisters with their homework and spends her free time painting.

Your support has brought lasting change to Adhi and to all of the children and families who depend on SOS Children’s Villages. Thank you so much for all you do.

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