Business-minded SOS Youth Is a Success

SOS Children
Boys and girls playing in an SOS Lesotho playground. Photo by Brenda Dimbleby
Lechesa was an extremely shy child when he arrived at SOS Children's Village Lesotho thirteen years ago. He was most comfortable sitting alone in a corner and only responded to direct questions. Lechesa, now twenty-six years old, is a successful young entrepreneur. The success of his business is largely due to his determination, discipline and hard work.


Lechesa struggled academically throughout his primary education, but his hard-working mentality spurred his business succcess and allowed him to start a small business selling candy.

During a school trip to a town in the mountainous region of the Lesotho, Lechesa was given R20.00 ($2.50 USD) in pocket money. He decided to save this money.

"There was nothing to buy there because the school provided meals, drinks and snacks, so I brought my money back," Lechesa said. "I then went and bought three packets of different types of sweets and started selling them during school, after school and at soccer matches."

He expanded his small candy business, and in time, Lechesa made an impressive profit from selling candy. He was even able to buy his family a TV after one year!

After Lechesa finished school SOS Children's Village Lesotho recognized his talents by supporting him in a business venture.

With this help from SOS, Lechesa opened a truck shop at the Lesotho Village, and the business became a success. Lechesa was even able to use his profits to help renovate homes. After the success of his truck stop, he opened a small driving school and both are doing well.