Institutional Partnerships

SOS Children's Villages International and its member associations highly value partnerships with foundations, institutional and government partners around the world to improve the situation of orphans, vulnerable children, and families.

We work with international organisations and multilateral donors, such as the UN and the European Union, and with national public authorities and embassies to improve the situations of vulnerable children, their families and communities.

SOS Children’s Villages also provides input into the development of policy frameworks, for example in the areas of development cooperation and social policy. We work together with partners who share our objectives on numerous projects that put policy into practice.

The challmneges faced by the world's children are too big for any single organization to address alone. Together we are helping to reduce poverty and support the achievement of the sustaiballe Development Goals. The support our institutional partners provide helps maximise the resources and impact of SOS Children’s Villages all over the world.  In this way, we contribute to ensuring that aid is spent effectively and delivers the best possible results.