Family Strengthening Programs

A significant part of our work is oriented towards prevention: working with disadvantaged families to help prevent crises that can lead to family breakdown.

We offer various forms of support to strengthen and stabilize them as much as possible so that children can grow up in their own families. Our objective is to build on the skills and capacity of biological parents and other relatives, SOS families, social workers and other carers within the community to ensure that children enjoy positive and caring relationships.

In the short term, the organization supplies families in need with economic support to help send children to school, provide the family with medical services, or buy healthy meals for their children.

For families that have been trapped in vicious cycles of poverty and desperation, longer term options are available, wherein micro-loans, vocational classes, and counselling are provided to parents. These long term programs give families the tools to they need be successful, and they enable parents to provide for their families on their own, keeping families together.