April 20 2010

The Clijsters-Lynch family backs SOS Children's Villages

20/04/2010 - World-famous tennis player Kim Clijsters and her family will support the work of SOS Children's Villages in the long-term.

Photo: Philippe Buissin / IMAGELLAN
The Clijsters-Lynch family is committed to disadvantaged children - Photo: Philippe Buissin
The fact that the Clijsters-Lynch family feels for children in distress was proven recently when Kim Clijsters, one of the world's best tennis players, donated her entire prize money from the Brisbane tournament (40,000 Aus $/27,500 €) to the local Children's Hospital.

Kim would now like to integrate her social commitment into her busy life in a more structured manner. That is why she decided to become a committed, long-term supporter of SOS Children's Villages - together with her husband Brian and her daughter Jada as a family.

Kim Clijsters on her new role: "Children are our future. I'm awfully fond of children and find it very important that they should grow up in a family, with the support and security they need and where they can grow up to become strong human beings. There are still too many children who do not have this chance. I had the opportunity to see for myself how SOS Children's Villages works with vulnerable children. What they do for them is very impressive. That is why I would like to support them as much as possible. Together with SOS Children's Villages, I would like to stand up for this important basic right for every child: the right to a family."

To start with this cooperation, Kim and Brian would like to support the new project of SOS Children's Villages Belgium, the so-called Simba House. The Simba project started in 2009 in Liedekerke for the support and guidance of young families going through a difficult crisis for whatever reason. We emphasize preventive measures: children from families living under difficult situations can be temporarily taken care of by specialized SOS co-workers. In the Simba House, they receive all the care they need and are given the space and time to recover their breath. At the same time, SOS Children's Villages works with the parents and the broader context of the family, so that they can live together again as soon as possible.