February 26 2009

Fighting erupts in southern Sudan

26/02/2009 - Families seek shelter in the SOS Children's Village in Malakal; supplies of food and water are running low.

The situation in southern Sudan has been deteriorating since fighting suddenly erupted between the Sudanese People's Liberation Army and a group known as the Combined/Joint Forces on the morning of 25 February. More than 60 families from the neighbourhood have fled their homes and are currently being given shelter in the SOS Children's Village Malakal, sharing the limited food supplies available in the village with the children and co-workers.

The village is running out of food and water supplies. Many children are suffering from diarrhea, but the situation has made it impossible for the co-workers to secure medical supplies. The national office of SOS Children's Villages in Khartoum, in close cooperation with the Child Protection Advisor of the United Nations Mission in Sudan, has been working hard to ensure the safety of the children, as well as that of the co-workers and all those currently seeking a safe haven in the village.