January 13 2009

SOS Children's Villages in Israel take in children from unsafe areas

13/01/2009 - As the rocket attacks on the southern cities of Israel continue and their range increases, the inhabitants of more and more cities fear for their safety. Israel's children's villages in Arad and Migdal Haemek have taken in guests from the endangered areas.


Even though the SOS Children's Village in Arad at least is well out of the current range of the attacks, the children are very much aware of the situation. Many of the children's biological families live within range of the missiles and the children are anxious about their safety. The visits the children usually make once a month have been suspended for the time being.

Both villages have opened their doors to groups from the attacked areas. In the case of the children's village Neradim, a girl's facility, including its entire staff, has been put up in one of the off-campus houses at the request of the Ministry of Social Welfare.

The SOS Children's Village in Migdal Haemek has welcomed groups of children as part of the effort made by their city to accommodate citizens from the affected areas.

Last week, some rockets were fired at targets in northern Israel. Until now, such occurences have been isolated and hopefully will remain so, but this means that the village of Nermadim in Migdal Haemek, which came under attack during the 2006 war in Lebanon from Hezbollah missiles, could find itself once again under threat and is doing all that is necessary to prepare for emergency conditions.

Staff members of SOS Children's Villages in Israel are doing their best to ensure that this crisis will not leave any lasting scars on the children; but it will certainly take some time for them to calm down and return to their normal lifes.