August 3 2009

Helmut Kutin accepts coveted award on behalf of SOS Children's Villages

03/08/2009 - Helmut Kutin accepted the prestigious Save the World Award on behalf of SOS Children's Villages in a media event that aimed to honour "role models who through their exemplary involvement and commitment are making immense contributions to mankind as well as to the preservation of our planet."


Photo: World Awards Media
Helmut Kutin proudly shows the award he received on behalf of SOS Children's Villages - Photo: World Awards Media

Ever since they were founded in 2000 by the journalist and bestselling author Georg Kindel and Mikhail Gorbachov, the World Awards have been raising awareness for the most important global challenges and presenting possible solutions for improving our world now and for future generations. In the past, the list of award winners has included included such illustrous names as Queen Noor of Jordan,Susan Sarandon, Steven Spielberg and Paul McCartney, amongst many others. This year, the SOS Children's Villages were given the award in recognition of their commitment to giving children all over the world what they need most: love, security, a home and a real chance to pursue their dreams and aspirations.  

In his acceptance speech, Helmut Kutin emphasised that he was thanking the awards comission on behalf of all the children, SOS mothers and staff of the organisation, but that he also wished to thank those without whom none of the organisation's work would be possible: those who decide to contribute to the work of SOS Children's Villages. In his brief address to the distinguished audience, Kutin said that "we are glad to receive this award as recognition of our work, but also see it as encouragement to persevere in our task of joining forces to ensure that children and young adults grow up in a healthy environment and as recognised citizens of the world. We all know what has to be done. All that remains now is to do it! The world we live in is beautiful, but we have to strive to make it better; and we have to do it today - tomorrow it could be too late!"

The event garnered much mediatic attention: the well-known actress and model Andie Macdowell hosted the show; other award winners included Carl Lewis, Greenpeace, and Michael Jackson, whose brother Jermaine accepted the award for the sadly deceased entertainer and altruist.