April 28 2009

No reported cases of swine flu in SOS Children's Villages Mexico

28/04/2009 - As more and more cases of the A/H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu are being reported all over the world and mainly in Mexico, SOS Children's Villages Mexico has taken preventive measures, even though there have been no cases within the programmes of SOS Children's Villages so far.

So far, there have been no reports of  cases of swine influenza in the SOS programmes. Though there was a scare in the SOS Children's Village in Mexico City, it was soon confirmed that the child in question had not been infected with the dangerous virus; several cases of flu in the village of Huehuetoca in the week of 11 April were soon declared harmless and successfully treated.

As a preventive measure, SOS Children's Villages has suspended any kind of social events and assemblies until the situation improves. In Tehuacán, all activities in community homes and centres were cancelled and food rations for the week distributed beforehand among all parents to avoid waste. Until 7 May, which was set as a tentative date for the resumption of full activites, only the administrative staff of the centres will continue work.

In Comitán and Chiapas, authorities from the IMSS (Social Security Mexican Institute, for its acronym in Spanish) on Monday vaccinated co-workers, families and children both in the SOS Social Centres and SOS Children's Villages against influenza.

In the SOS Children's Village of Tuxtla, medical consultations not related to A/H1N1 and of a non-urgent nature were canceled in the Pediatric Specialties Hospital which is attended by disabled children from the SOS Children's Village.

Since supplies of surgical masks are running out in all of Mexico due to the high demand, SOS Children's Village directors have requested reserves of surgical masks from the corresponding health authorities; support is being sought from international organizations to send surgical masks to distribute in the villages, and if possible, to also donate to other organisations.