October 28 2010

SOS Children's Villages in Indonesia helps to evacuate hundreds of children

28/10/2010 - With volcano Mount Merapi in Indonesia still spewing ash and a lava explosion looming, SOS Children’s Villages has evacuated more than 300 children who are supported through SOS family programmes. More evacuations are likely to follow.

SOS Children's Villages has also started supplying essential items for the affected families. Thousands of people fleeing from deadly ash have taken shelter in schools, camps and government buildings in and around Yogyakarta.

More than 300 children enrolled with the SOS Children’s Centres in Umbulharjo-Cangkringan and Turi Sleman (13 km from the volcano) have been evacuated by trucks, motorcycles and ambulances yesterday. All the children are accommodated in camps and SOS staff along with volunteers, who are also Tagana (Disaster Response Youths) members, are providing essential items like masks, milk, readymade meals, mats, blankets etc.

SOS Children’s Villages has also established many information points in affected areas in Cangkringan, Turi-Sleman, Boyolali and one in Yogyakarta city.

The next evacuation would be from Sleman and Klaten districts - locations of two of SOS Children’s Centres with 250 attending children. These particular places are located in the direction of the lava path.

Close to 400 children in the north (at sub-district of Selo, Boyolali) and west (Bagong, Magelang district) of Mount Merapi are still staying in their homes. They are supported by SOS Children’s Villages co-workers and volunteers. The government and non-government agencies are running camps in public buildings and also many public kitchens have been set up. In case of emergency, these children will also be evacuated to safer areas.