December 11 2007

SOS Children's Villages participates in "A World Fit for Children Plus 5"

11/12/2007 - The year 2007 marks the mid decade point for the Plan of Action of "A World Fit for Children" (WFFC). The Plan of Action is a commitment by world leaders from more than 180 countries to protect and promote children's rights resulting from the 2002 United Nations Special Session on Children.

The UN General Assembly has convened a commemorative high-level plenary meeting to follow-up the WFFC Declaration and evaluate progress made in the implementation of the Plan of Action. The gathering will also be the setting of the launch of the Secretary-General’s report on progress towards the WFFC goals. A series of events has been organised including high-level plenary meeting and roundtable discussion on the 11th and 12th of December 2007 in New York.

As a board member of the NGO Committee on UNICEF, SOS-Kinderdorf International has played an important role in the planning of this event, ensuring a meaningful NGO participation and input.  Additionally, SOS-Kinderdorf International has been selected as one of only 20 NGOs to participate in thematic roundtables along with United Nations representatives and children. The President of the Board of SOS Children's Villages Lebanon, Afifa Arsanios, will represent SOS-Kinderdorf International on this distinguished panel of NGOs.

The roundtable discussions will focus on the four priority areas of the WFFC Plan of Action: promoting healthy lives; providing quality education for all; protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence; and combating HIV/AIDS. The objectives are closely linked to the UN Millennium Development Goals. In her contribution to the round table discussions, Afifa Arsanios draws upon SOS Children's Villages' years of experience with, and knowledge of ,human rights challenges faced by children without parental care and those at risk of losing it.

SOS-Kinderdorf International Secretary General Mr. Pichler will also attend the event, observing sessions, as will the Director of SOS-Kinderdorf International's Liaison and Advocacy Office, Annemarie Schlack.